mag wheels

  1. A

    I simply couldn't stop smiling/laughing for about my first mile.

    Sometimes it's not a just a motorized bicycle but instead it's building something that's your own. It's an ongoing labor of love that doesn't only get me from point A to point B because I am too financially challenged to afford anything more, it does it in style as it turns heads like a Lambo or...
  2. D

    HELP! Need mag wheel!

    Hello everyone, I'm getting kinda desparate here. I've searched far and wide for a mag wheel that would work with the bike I'm motorizing. I have a Roadmaster Granite Peak, and I'd like to find a mag wheel that I can attach my drive sprocket to directly, but it also HAS TO SUPPORT MY 6 GEAR...
  3. Will'smotobikes19

    Straight spoked mag wheels?

    Anyone know of any Straight spoked 26 inch mag wheels? the only ones I can find are the 29 inch. The other ones have the webs or whatever and I have a pair of those on my bike now. I was looking for a different look with a new build. Want to build a cafe racer looking bike with a gas tank frame...
  4. Will'smotobikes19

    Can someone link me some good quality bearings (for mag wheels)

    I'm looking for some good quality stainless bearings for my gasbike mag wheels. I think the one bearing is a 6000 2rs and the others are 6200.
  5. Will'smotobikes19

    Bearing upgrade for Mag wheels worth it?

    Well I'm planning on using mag wheels for my bike I'm building I was just wondering if It's worth getting good quality SKF stainless ones for the wheels. one of the bearings is a 6200rs and the other is a 6000rs. I already got japanese nachi bearings for the crank and clutch shafts. I saw a...