1. S

    Magneto Axle Play

    Hi all, I've been having some issues with the bike ever since moving to a different frame. The engine will rev up just fine all the way to 25mph, lots of acceleration, perfect fuel mix etc But as soon as I try to go faster, the engine makes a really high pitched, pinging noise and bogs down as...
  2. S

    Incorrect timing?

    I have a 66cc 2 stroke bike that won't start. It has spark, it has compression, and gas is getting to the engine. The only thing I can think of is timing. Does the CDI control timing or the magneto? How do I test? It was worked fine for a long time. I shut it off and went to start it a few...
  3. F

    Magneto contacts broken off. how to reattach?

    Hello everyone, sorry if I sound like a noob, but I never did this before and english isn't my first language. Anyway, I built my first motorized bicycle from a 26" mountain bike. (It's the "standard" engine 2 stroke engine nearly everyone uses.) The bike didn't start and I noticed the little...
  4. Neo_Epoch

    OZ Magneto - well, that's not supposed to happen

    So, bike took a crap on me when i was trying to head out to work. We've had a lot of rain lately and just figured it was water left in the stator side of the case - even after *thinking* i sealed the focker like a locker or when ut started, it ran high idle and on it's own, went to shut off and...
  5. Will'smotobikes19

    Fixing magneto

    Hi my magneto on the engine i'm building was hanging by the wires and I guess 2 of the wires became unnattached (the white and the blue) can I re-solder them and make it work again? I think I have a soldering iron somewhere but have never soldered. I'm thinking of getting the bikeberry stage I...
  6. Dave FZ1000

    Service Buletin - Magneto Modification

    Found this and a link on the Grubee site. If you all know about it, let me know, I'll see if I can delete it. 2015-07-15Service Bulletin A recommended modification for all Magneto Starter coils (For engines manufactured prior to July 1 2015...
  7. J

    Wet magneto coil

    I'm new around here, is it possible for the coil to fail when it gets wet. (i am getting no spark) I was driving around in the rain and the bike was fine, the next day i got start it and nothing. I replaced the plug checked resistance on the cdi and on the coil and there was resistance showing...
  8. danlandberg

    Magneto coil, CDI and magnet rotor

    Any one know about the magnet rotor? Like; what Gauss is needed to create enough voltage/ current through the mag coil for the CDI to work efficiently? According to the posts I have read, my mag and cdi ohm within specs. I realize the cdi might ohm ok but the capacitor might not be doing its...
  9. Spare_Parts

    Anyone try the Zeda magneto?

    Was looking around for the OZ magneto and stumbled on the Zeda. Says it has more resistance but all I can find is from the BMW site. Also, anyone know where to get the OZ magneto besides eBay or BMW? Can't find it anywhere else that...
  10. motormike777

    Magneto coil for 79 Pred

    I need a spare! Anyone know where I could go to shop for something like this? Hopefully my description was enough. It would be nice if replacement parts were more readily available... Thanks, -Michael
  11. B

    Proper gapping

    I am wondering if there is a specific gap size that goes between the cdi and the magneto any info would be great full. Thank you
  12. B

    Hooking Battery Charger & Lights to White Wire

    I bought this battery charger for a lighting system that supposedly draws power from your white wire to charge a battery, to then power the lights. I've hooked it up properly to my engine, but as soon as I connect the main wire for the battery charger to my white magneto wire, the engine dies...
  13. Matt Barrack

    Killswitch not working

    Just straight up not working. Yesterday it would only work maybe 50% of the time but now it doesn't work at all. Anyone know what to do?
  14. C

    Sparking Issue

    Alright so I had the bike running well recently until yesterday when the dang thing wouldn't start. I checked the plug, could see that it had gas getting to it so ruled out no gas, and its a new plug so that should be fine. To check the spark, while the plug was out I disengaged the clutch and...
  15. M

    New 80cc no start.

    Hi all. I finally got my 80/66cc engine installed on my 24in road master. So far its been a big job finding and making stuff work. The carb had to sit at a 45 degree. The muffler was hitting the pedal and needed bent slightly. The chain had to be shortened and the funky rear sprocket to me a...
  16. Arty

    Screaming Roo Magneto Problem

    I recently installed a new Screaming Roo magneto coil for my China Girl, and cannot get the bike to run with it at all. The coil measures 338 ohms, and was well grounded, and the air gap seemed adequate. Upon replacing it with the original stock coil, the bike runs again. Anyone have any tips...
  17. Josh britt

    Help! 66cc bike wont start after running

    Whats up y'all! Im josh and new here. So i just bought my first motorized bike!! Yay right!!?? Lol so when i can get it started in the mornings it runs great!!! But if i shut it off after a nice 30 minute ride it will not start up for nothing!! Ive noticed once the engine cools down the magneto...
  18. Sitherus

    Another Wont start engine with a twist.

    (SORRY FOR ALL THE READING TO FOLLOW) I picked up a motorized Stinger 66cc motorized bicycle on the side of the road i spoke to the owner to make sure he was throwing it away. It had so much dust on it. He said it had not run in 5 years. I took it home cleaned out the gas tank and carburetor...