1. B

    Maintenance questions, and air leak?

    Hey guys, first post so excuse me if this is in the wrong section. I'd say this engine has around 1000 or so km on it, and since day one I've had fuel/oil dripping onto the engine, not sure if it is from the spark plug, exhaust or crank case but I have made sure all is tight. The bike goes great...
  2. Calvin

    What's In Your Repair Kit?

    Hey Everyone, I just finished my first build and it's so much fun. However, I have already had to do some minor repairs and maintenance. So what do you guys bring on the road with you when you go on a long ride? I want to be able to do as many on-the-road repairs as possible. What are the key...
  3. Rebel00

    Grind Dust Cap VS. Widening Sprocket (Coaster Brake)

    I want to know what is the best way (grind dust cap or widen the sprocket)? Not really looking for just an opinion, but the smartest and safest way. I'm about to be installing some HD SS wheels when they get here (SHOULD be here tomorrow). I'm sure that we all know how it is waiting for your...
  4. Nahom

    Right Side Gears

    I bought a motorized bike already made. I am looking at the manual and it says for maintence : 7) Right side gears. Remove cover plate and keep small amount of heavy grease on the gear train- remove cover plate on the right side it means? What is the gear train? I am confused because...