1. D


    I'm going to build a bike with a GT5 motor. My question is what size mikuni carb would work best? A 16mm,18,22? Is there more info I need to mount it? Any info will be appreciated
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    Mikuni VM18 tuning questions

    I started my big bore engine the first time a few minutes ago 48mm big bore cylinder, windowed piston, Oz reed valve and banana pipe- (and before you tell me to ditch the banana pipe this one is different and doesn't have baffles it has far less restriction than a stock muffler I tested blowing...
  3. Will'smotobikes19

    VM18 carb mount too wide for intake.

    I'm having more problems with my build. Where the Mikuni VM18 clamps it is much wider than my RSE reed valve intake. Could I get a thicker plastic shim and use that or do I have to get one of those case reed valves with the wider pipe mount. I'd prefer just getting the shim since I already have...