1. Matt Barrack

    Extending exaust pipe ideas?

    Aftermarket pipes don't fit on by bike due to my frame. I found a piece of pipe that sounds great when I put it up to the pipe that's already on my bike. But, it is just a pipe. I need to find a way to attach it on to the rest of the exaust. Do I hust weld it? Or is there another way? Thanks...
  2. Matt Barrack

    Chainsaw bikes

    I got a guy who wants a motor on his bike and I mentioned motorized bike kits. But then he found videos of bikes with chainsaw motors on their bikes. Is a 2-stroke kit better than a chainsaw bike? I understand that a chainsaw would take more work, but in the end, which out preforms the other...
  3. Matt Barrack

    New Throttle Idea.

    My throttle sucks. I cant seem to get it right. Sometimes it's firm and sometimes it's not. Today my friend was taking it for a spin and it went limp and couldn't stop! I'm wondering if this would work; Instead of keeping the twist throttle, what if I put the throttle cable on a brake lever and...