1. D

    Shortening head tube

    Hello! This is my first post here so if I am in the wrong section or similar, let me know or take appropriate actions. I have recently built my first motorized bicycle. It is a pretty standard build. 49cc Huasheng engine on a cruiser frame. It runs great and looks great. (depends on your...
  2. Eddie Medley

    12v mini-gen max motor bicycle

    Hi I was thinking of getting the 12 volt mini-gen max for motorized bicycle to put a moorcycle battery on my bike for lights and to have a electric start Using a dirt bike / atv wiring hardness and components on my motorized bicycle, can it be done and how would it be modified? Using this...
  3. danlandberg

    Degree tool?

    Looking for a degree tool that I can use on the magneto side of my GT5 Pro Racing 66cc. Anyone know a good place to get one? I thought I seen a post on this some time ago. Can't seem to find it now. Any good ideas for making one? I'm looking for ALL the specs for this engine. Everything, port...