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    Custom Exhaust help 49cc

    I am designing a motor limo bicycle 49cc I was thinking adding 2 exhaust together first the expansion tube exhaust in the front then piped down to a poo poo long pipe muffler going down the side. Was wondering would doing that hurt any performance or anything
  2. B

    Mod List?

    Hey I'm new to motorized bikes (my first engine is still shipping), and I was wondering, what are some good performance mods to do on a cheaper budget, and in what order? I was thinking to do: -Exhaust -CDI -High compression head -36 tooth rear sprocket -?
  3. J

    Performance parts before break in

    I ordered a new bullet train 80cc motors and I was wondering is it safe to use performance parts on it like a sbp expansion chamber and other things like reed valves and a speed carb.
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    Drilled Piston/Wrist Pin Preachin'

    Going to post some pictures of the work I did eventually when I have time but I follow Jaguars site and put some holes in my piston (12 specifically) and bored out my wrist pin a little bit (calipers useful) (plus cleaned out flash/ lil bit of porting). I would have done more but feared for the...