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  1. T

    Registration help

    Hello everyone I am in a bit of a dilema. I am planning a 66cc Sportsman Flyer build (been drooling over that bike forever now!) But my state laws are quickly crushing my dreams. Although WA state hasn't officially outlawed motorized bicycles they have written the rules in such a way that...
  2. slump

    Fat tire predator 212 build w/ electric starter and mag rims

    Lots of work into this build for shiny side up 2017 and is a late post but I finally got some time to put it up here. As for the build : I custom made the fat tire bike frame from customizing a mongoose fat tire bike. I customized a girvin linkage fork by widening it out to fit 4" rim and had to...
  3. E

    Moped won't start. Cranks hard but won't turn over- no spark.

    50 cc Chinese scooter. After fueling up, I was turning on a road and my moped died. I put in the highest grade gas. I've charged and replaced the battery and the engine sounds like it's trying to start but just won't catch (sounds like what a car sounds like when it's dead). My break lights work...
  4. Matt Barrack

    Why do you ride a motorized bike?

    I made a thread like this earlier, but I want to try to be more clear. Why do you ride a motorized bike? Why, if so, do you prefer to ride a motorized bike? Some of my reasons: Cheap and easy to build Good way to learn about motors and modding, without spending a ton of money Most places don't...
  5. S

    MOPED Question in nj PLEASE HELP

    I want to buy my 15 year old son a moped and so many different people and websites are telling me different rules. My main questions are what is the max moped CC, does the moped need to have pedals and do you need to take a road and written test in NJ? Thanks for the help, Sam
  6. J

    66cc fito jackshaft street cafe

    Because I'm too lazy to repost all the pics and info heres a copy of the craigslist add: https://westernmass.craigslist.org/mcy/5911031367.html Trying to upgrade to a project motorcycle and I've already sunk too much time and money into this this guy. Extremely fun work commuter though!
  7. J

    A word of advice on Moped Gas tanks...

    The stock fuel petcock and gascap fit PERFECTLY with the old top load gas tanks from the 70-80's style mopeds. I just fitted a 1976 malaguti 1.25 gallon tank to my Modena GT 2 and used the old 80cc stock tank's petcock and cap and it worked absolutely perfect and sealed up without a leak to be...
  8. Thebomb829

    Can you put a clutch on a weed wacker without a clutch?

    I'm trying to build a moped and I have a weed wacker with a clutch(brushwacker 32cc) and one without(craftsman weed wacker 25cc). I was wondering if I could take the clutch drum and mechanism off one and onto the other.
  9. ezrider

    Motorized Bicyclist Bust: Can this happen to YOU ?

    "Part of his personal renaissance was acquiring some means of transportation so he had a chance of getting to a job and generally getting around. With all of the other forms of personal motorized transport barred because of his license situation, Burns built a motorized bike and thought he was...