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  1. motokolari.cz

    The Czech Republic, EU

    In our country, as regulated by Decree 341/2002 and a EU directive. Motored bike (gasoline) have to meet the requirements: max. speed: 25 km/h volume: to 50 ccm max. power: 1kW retain the character of bicycle But can not call it a motored bike /motorbike / moped! The correct name is "bicycle...
  2. motokolari.cz

    Types of motored bicycles

    I'm doing a survey of what type of bike rides in your country. I suppose you're mostly from the US or not?
  3. motokolari.cz

    Benchmarking of products (Czech Republic vs. USA)

    Hello, Greetings to our American friends (altogether). In the introduction - I apologize for my primitive English, you know, we are from Eastern Europe :). In the Czech Republic ride few motored bicycles. Mostly it is the Chinese engines (48, 60, 80 ccm), but you can also find homemade products...