motor bicycle

  1. Resurrected


    Custom rat bike modded yd100 pulls 50mph easy with10t/30t sprocket
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    My baby's
  3. 110cc by ZedaMotorsports

    110cc by ZedaMotorsports
  4. Mad Maxim

    Mad Maxim

    Motorized cruiser frame with a 4 stroke engine from bikeberry. Got pegs on the back and a custom throttle made from an old Shimano gear shifter (cheape plastic throttle with kit broke) I also installed a neon lamp on the output of the magneto to show when the engines running just for the hell of it
  5. J

    Air Filter

    Hey everyone, I have an hp carburetor jetted and tuned perfectly to high elevation and my bike but I had a problem where the float bowl wasn't level causing too lean of a air to fuel ratio. I fixed it and leveled out the engine but it doesn't fit with the carburetors air filter on. There is only...
  6. J

    Air to fuel ratio problem with HP carburetor

    Hey, I have a china made 80cc bike engine running a 20-1 oil gas ratio. I am using a HP carburetor from Top Corporate and also a high performance exhaust. I understand that when the spark plug is black and oily it means you are running too rich but I don’t know how to adjust it. I’ve seen on the...
  7. C

    motor bike won't spark

    hello, my bike won't start. as far as i can see, the bike will not spark. i checked the CGI and the magneto coil and the wires. only thing i can see is that the thing wont spark and i cant figure out how to fix it.
  8. A

    Gas leak from exhaust and clutch cover

    I'm getting tired with these motors. Every week I face a new issue, today my engine had started to leak gas from the exhaust. I was so frustrated It was working fine yesterday running 20:1. It had rained overnight tho. I went to see if the clutch was the issue and when I pulled off the clutch...
  9. J

    Bucking bar sticking out too far......?

    It started yesterday, I put around 20 miles on the bike throughout the day, everything was running perfect. When all of a sudden the bike began to high rev and I lost power. The clutch would not engage with the handle released ( and all was adjusted fine). The rear wheel was free spinning...
  10. M

    Motorized 80cc trike with pedals for bicycle path rules

    So I want to build a tricycle with 80cc 2-stroke engine for about <200Eur and I want it to be considered as a bicycle so i can ride on paths legaly (bc as long as it has pedals ur ok). Now the easiest way of geting pedals would be to put them on the front wheel with freehub but that can get...
  11. M

    80cc engine problems

    Okay so im normally on top with maintenance on my 80cc engine but here recently when i go to let it idle it dies while idling if you dont mind can someone give me some advise on what the problem might be?
  12. Roadmaster Paint job

    Roadmaster Paint job

    Dark olive bed armor on a roadmaster granite peak bike.
  13. Eddie Medley

    12v mini-gen max motor bicycle

    Hi I was thinking of getting the 12 volt mini-gen max for motorized bicycle to put a moorcycle battery on my bike for lights and to have a electric start Using a dirt bike / atv wiring hardness and components on my motorized bicycle, can it be done and how would it be modified? Using this...
  14. Eddie Medley

    bending steel bike frame

    I know there a way to bend steel, but I need to know what is best way to do it because i ask for my a cruiser bike frame has a two inch tire and 3 inch of clearance but i want to have a 3 inch fat tire to 4 inch fat tire depending how much i can bend the steel. I want at least 1/2 inch...
  15. Luiz

    Three way Hybrid

    Hello, what do you guys think of a hybrid bicycle that is electric and gas powered, all front wheel drive? Because I'm thinking about building one. I have a 350 watt 24 volt motor and a 25cc edge trimmer All to go on the bike I made. (Profile picture) What y'all say?