1. D

    Need help with registration numbers!

    My yz250f 2008 blew the engine today while I was riding it. I need to buy a new crate motor but the bike itself and the motor will have 2 different serial numbers. Will I have to take care of 2 ownerships? Someone tell me as much as you can about this topic.
  2. 82510220_1312367492285246_1169127550086021120_o.jpg


    back end& chain work next
  3. 82137222_1312367158951946_510229736669052928_o.jpg


    motor detail
  4. B

    WARNING ! Zeda Motorsports , read before you buy

    Hi everybody, i just want to share my bad experience with anybody that want to buy from this seller Even like it seem to be a great community on Facebook, Richard Bianchi will ignore all your messages ( in my case ) i did order by mistake the wrong engine kit so i wanted to change my order...
  5. lukecanna

    Best Motor?

    Hi, Starting a new build and i was wondering everyones thoughts on what is the best motor to get? I was thinking about the stage 2 brb tuning racing motor from bikeberry?
  6. RocketJ

    Jackshaft Need help building 3hp Briggs Jack shaft

    I plan on installing a jack shaft and suicide shifter on my bike. I was offered an old 3hp Briggs motor, which is fantastic, except for the fact that the crank case has no mounting holes, which makes a torque converter unusable for the build. Instead I've decided to go with a home made...
  7. RocketJ

    Wanted 3 or 4 HP motor (Capitol District of New York)

    I'm looking for a 3 to 5 HP motor in the capitol district of NY. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  8. RocketJ

    Looking for: 4/5hp motor & shimono coaster brake

    I live in the capitol district of new york if anyone has any of these parts. As far as an engine, preferably an old briggs or predator.
  9. T

    Any suggestions on a reputable site to buy a four stroke motorized bicycle kit

    So I've just already gone through a second blown two stroke motor and I'm tired of the headaches they keep causing me so I'm trying to find a four stroke motor kit for my bicycle but I want to get it from a good site. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I found one I kinda like on kings...
  10. C

    What is the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in a 2 stroke bike motor?

    I want to run my bike on E85 but idk what the fuel oil ratio to run it with.
  11. B

    Experienced builder requesting advice constructing first 4 stroke trike

    Happy Tuesday fellow enthusiasts and riders! I come to you guys feeling overwhelmed today in desperate need of advice on my project. My current workspace consists of a 50cc, 4 stroke kit and a fully assembled Schwinn tricycle. My current issue is deciding on sprocket mounting location and...
  12. Candie

    For Sale Whizzer motor, carb + parts

    Please view items and contact me if interested in purchasing parts. My father was a classic motorbike collector and we have many parts that we are now parting with since his passing. To my knowledge all parts appear original and in good condition. Garage kept in shelving units and containers...
  13. The-DMV

    Is Bicycle Motor Works a good engine to buy?

    I'm interested in the "Advanced Race Ready 66cc" engine as shown here: I currently have a Skyhawk 66cc engine with a CNS carb, and I'm dissatisfied with their performance, especially the CNS carb. The top plate and...
  14. Superzeke2015

    New to MB, Help picking an Engine Kit

    So I recently bought a Mongoose R5726WM8. I was wanting to buy a kit to motorize it with but I'm not sure which one to buy or if the one gear shift/Gear Set-up it has will be a problem. It's on the back wheel which you usually replace the gears for anyways right? Basically I'm wanting advice on...
  15. WildWillis


    THIS IS A WARNING IN WHY YOU SHOULD NOT INVEST IN CHINESE MOTOR (COMING FROM EXPERIENCE) Okay, I bought a cheap $130 motor off ebay. Casting is horrible, quick and cheap/defective. Please look for good casting (highlighted in picture below). BUY OFF QUALITY TRUE SITES SUCH AS ZBOX if your from...
  16. Cory Bailey

    Expansion Chamber pipe

    My name is Cory and I just got my motorized bike broke in. I bought a Voodoo expansion chamber muffler from and I can't exactly figure out how to mount it. All help is appreciated. Silver Slant 66/80cc on a Huffy Cranbrook beach cruiser
  17. Pablo


    No more excuses not to have an electric bike. Well you can make excuses, but I'll just tell some of you guys: You need two or more bikes!! So right now we are wrestling with getting voltage and other dropdown...