motorized bicycle race

  1. Motorized Neo Cycles

    My ultimate build!!!

    So stoked to finally be practically done with this build. I ordered all the parts individually from Amazon and Zeda Motorsports. I've named her El Diablo. 9.5 Hp Case Reed FRANKENSTEIN motor BBR Tuning gas tank frame CDHPower Triple tree forks CDHPower Mag Wheels w/rear disc brake adapter & 36...
  2. MotorBicycleRacing

    SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing.

    Friday 20th Oct as practice day and fun track riding until dusk for only $20 wearing all the safety gear. $10 Gate Pass for everyone: Spectators & Racers. Kids 16 and under $2 $35 Race Fee: Motorized Bicycles, GoPeds, GoQuads. Sorry, no Credit Cards, please bring $5 bills and exact change...