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  1. clvck

    Just cruisin'

  2. Drop a Gear and Disappear

    Troubleshooting a Huasheng 4-stroke Engine

    Hello I'm Matt, a new member to this forum, however I've been working at this motorized bike for close to 3 years now and I've only got it running a hand full of times unfortunately. First a little bit of background about the bike. I first purchased the Huasheng 4-Stroke engine...
  3. J

    Clutch stopped working

    Clutch went out while riding. Now bike free wheels & doesn't go into gear. I read that i may have lost a key, but cant figure out how to get the 10T drive sprocket off to check it
  4. J

    Performance parts before break in

    I ordered a new bullet train 80cc motors and I was wondering is it safe to use performance parts on it like a sbp expansion chamber and other things like reed valves and a speed carb.
  5. MBikeRider

    For Sale $55 Used Staton Inc. Friction Drive 1" Roller / 76mm Clutch Rotor / 78mm Clutch Drum

    Hello, I have a used Staton Inc friction drive for sale. It's missing a few small nuts and bolts and has a few holes drilled on top for the gas tank mount, but is otherwise the full kit. PM if interested. Reason for Selling: Used it for a hard 6 months, but my 49cc HS 142 engine broke from over...
  6. B

    Hooking Battery Charger & Lights to White Wire

    I bought this battery charger for a lighting system that supposedly draws power from your white wire to charge a battery, to then power the lights. I've hooked it up properly to my engine, but as soon as I connect the main wire for the battery charger to my white magneto wire, the engine dies...
  7. M

    Will 80cc engine fit 18 inch stingray bike?

    Anyone attempted this yet?
  8. E

    80cc Motorized Bike vs 1000w Ebike

    Hello, I've recently ridden a 80cc motorized bike and loved the acceleration and speed. I've always wanted a ebike though, as it can hopefully keep the cops off my back. I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with both and could tell me whether they're relatively the same. Thank you.
  9. IMG_2523


    Build from 2016. Custom frame, tank, customized leaf spring fork, Honda gx160 with electric starter, and 4" wide rims
  10. IMG_4671


    Latest build - custom frame , predator 212cc with electric starter, fat tire mag rims, customized girvin forks, fender headlight cowl
  11. C

    What is the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in a 2 stroke bike motor?

    I want to run my bike on E85 but idk what the fuel oil ratio to run it with.
  12. M

    PA laws?

    Hey guys, I just ordered an engine for my first build. I ordered the 66/80cc flying horse from bikeberry (mainly because the state has my license for the next two years). So I was wondering what kind of road laws anyone can tell me regarding this size engine on the streets. Any and all info is a...
  13. D

    Help please....what size is the engine on this bicycle...

    Any help would be appreciated...engine size and motor model...any info... Thank you
  14. Matt Barrack

    Why do you ride a motorized bike?

    I made a thread like this earlier, but I want to try to be more clear. Why do you ride a motorized bike? Why, if so, do you prefer to ride a motorized bike? Some of my reasons: Cheap and easy to build Good way to learn about motors and modding, without spending a ton of money Most places don't...
  15. F

    Chain moving without clutch in

    I just built my new 80cc bike and it has been running fine until the chain started to move freely without the cultch in. If anyone has a solution let me know!
  16. Roadmaster Paint job

    Roadmaster Paint job

    Dark olive bed armor on a roadmaster granite peak bike.
  17. 66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    1. Shipping was pretty fast I ordered the engine on May 24 for 169 dollars with free shipping. I got it on Wednesday May 31. It's estimated arrival was June 1 so it got here early. None of the parts were missing, it does smell like it's been used. It did not come with an instructions manual.
  18. RoadMaster Granite Peak

    RoadMaster Granite Peak

    I brought this bike at Wal-Mart for 80 dollars plus tax with a 2 replacement plans for 7 dollars. Later on today, I will be posting my written and video review of the bike.
  19. Khamsin

    Motorized bike Trip?

    Hey there fellas! I'm prepping to take a motorized bike trip with my huffy cranbrook either in May or June From Philadelphia To Atlantic city.. I'm kinda iffy about using my current 2 stroke engine and I was told a 4 stroke would be the way to go for such a trip. Could you guys Recommend any...
  20. Thebomb829

    Can you put a clutch on a weed wacker without a clutch?

    I'm trying to build a moped and I have a weed wacker with a clutch(brushwacker 32cc) and one without(craftsman weed wacker 25cc). I was wondering if I could take the clutch drum and mechanism off one and onto the other.