1. Twin engine by ZedaMotorsports

    Twin engine by ZedaMotorsports

    That fire!
  2. A

    I simply couldn't stop smiling/laughing for about my first mile.

    Sometimes it's not a just a motorized bicycle but instead it's building something that's your own. It's an ongoing labor of love that doesn't only get me from point A to point B because I am too financially challenged to afford anything more, it does it in style as it turns heads like a Lambo or...
  3. B

    WARNING ! Zeda Motorsports , read before you buy

    Hi everybody, i just want to share my bad experience with anybody that want to buy from this seller Even like it seem to be a great community on Facebook, Richard Bianchi will ignore all your messages ( in my case ) i did order by mistake the wrong engine kit so i wanted to change my order...
  4. M

    Engine Trouble Flying Horse Bullet Train Mystery Problem

    So I get on my bike to leave work, start it and let it warm up, and drive out of the parking lot all with no problems. I pull out and sit at a stop light, make a turn, and start on my way home and- out of nowhere, my motor seems to stop driving my bike! I had to push it a couple miles home. It's...
  5. Cooters Carport

    What is the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in my 2 Stroke motor

    I was wondering what the fuel oil ratio to run E85 in my 2 Stroke bike engine.
  6. V

    For Sale - Custom Motorized Bike

    This is a fully custom Motorized bicycle. It has a pitbike engine with custom jack shaft assembly to pedal while engine is in neutral. Has full brake lights, turn signals, head light, and running lights in rear. Also has battery ..full custom exhaust, gas tank, everything really is custom on...
  7. Matt Barrack

    Why motorized bikes?

    Just a question. Why do you ride a motorized bike? Why, if you do, prefer motorized bikes over another vehicle? Just looking for some opinions here. Some of my reasons: -Fun and easy to build, especially if you can't afford a motorcycle -No registration required in most places -Good way to...
  8. Matt Barrack

    Motorized bike build #1

    First bike done! I got the kit from a guy in a sketchy warehouse but it seems to run good! I believe the motor is a 66cc and the bike is a 26" Tim Horton's bike I found in the garbage. Everything runs great but My exhaust gasket is bent as far as I know so it spits oil at my boots when I'm...
  9. Matt Barrack

    Chainsaw bikes

    I got a guy who wants a motor on his bike and I mentioned motorized bike kits. But then he found videos of bikes with chainsaw motors on their bikes. Is a 2-stroke kit better than a chainsaw bike? I understand that a chainsaw would take more work, but in the end, which out preforms the other...
  10. Continue Skyhawk review part 2

    Continue Skyhawk review part 2

    2. An important thing to note when getting some of these engine is pieces of loose styrofoam getting into the engine. The engine I brought was covered in tiny pieces and I was fortunate that nothing got inside.
  11. RoadMaster Granite Peak

    RoadMaster Granite Peak

    I brought this bike at Wal-Mart for 80 dollars plus tax with a 2 replacement plans for 7 dollars. Later on today, I will be posting my written and video review of the bike.
  12. Kayson

    4 day newbie

    I've been doing a lot of research on motorized bikes for the past few days and I'm looking to buy the 26" Micargi Stealth fit motorized bike kit. The total in the cart without shipping is around 500 dollars. Bikeberry says that all their bikes carry a weight of 200lbs max. I weight over 200...
  13. The-DMV

    Wanted Nuvinci n171

    I've been hunting for months to find one anywhere, and after one slipped away from me in January I've found nothing. If anyone has one, I'll pay to get it!
  14. Ytyukon

    Quad Bike Build - concept - build underway

    Dont have to worry bout the trike. I am in the works of building quad bike. This is my design...patent pending please ask to use. <not all the parts and pieces are in detail>. Building the quad bike from lowrider frame. starting to build this tomorrow.
  15. DotScott

    Any Riders in the Boston Area?

    Hey everyone! Recently got a motorized bicycle and it's great fun and all but I feel like it would be a lot more fun riding with others. Any other riders in the Boston MA Area? Any meetups or anything I could be a part of? Please let me know!