mountain bike

  1. A

    Will a 2 stroke 66cc fit?

    the merax finiss 26 inch mountain bike
  2. Avolio G

    In the begining...

    New to the forum and considering my first build. I'm curious as to what any/everybody might thing of the bike I am hoping to start with. The basics that I have... Frame - '96 Kona Cinder Cone size small 14" Shock - Marzocchi Atom Bomb Z2 60mm travel, Coil and Oil Head Set - Chris King Stem -...
  3. T

    New Member/ First Build Mountain Bike!!

    Howdy! I've been stalking the forums for a couple days now and I figured I'd probably just go on ahead and introduce myself. I'm currently an avid mountain biker and I love it but I have noticed that my body has a limit and that's no fun when I am peddling to the trails and then pedaling back...
  4. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Update On 2 Stroke Build

    I had to send the Intake with the "paint" issue back because I bought the wrong size for my engine. So, I am waiting for another one now.
  5. Khamsin

    "Supermoto" build

    Here I have my ol Kent Terra... getting ready to slap a 2 stroke engine on it....I've already got some fenders on the way, Plan on getting a pit bike headlight, triple tree fork and some hand guards... cant forget slick tires. I've seen so many people make Dirt bike style builds now. One guy...