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  1. G

    Exhaust Muffler doesn't fit

    I recently bought an expansion chamber for my two-stroke, 49cc motorbike, and it doesn't fit. The tip of the muffler runs into the down post, which means that the muffler doesn't attach or sit correctly to the muffler engine bolts. What can I do to make it fit? Is there some sort of muffler...
  2. RB55

    Muffled but unrestricted exhaust idea

    Hello, Been searching forever for an easy way to upgrade the stock exhaust. Problem is that everyone here claims that the cheap banana exhausts off eBay are crazy loud and don’t really boost performance while the poo poo exhausts are quiet but don’t do anything. I know about the SBP and dirt...
  3. RB55

    Issue with muffler screws loosening themselves

    Hello, I recently got a 2 stroke 80cc gas bike kit off eBay and mounted it to my bike. Despite a lot of issues and frustrations at first (this is my first time doing this kind of stuff!) I managed to get everything working decently, and the bike has about 40 miles on it so far. The issue I’m...
  4. Sharif

    Lawn Mower Muffler

    I recently placed an order for this lawn mower atlas muffler, was wondering if this would actually work or would it cause issues I am not aware of? WIll be attaching it to a banana exhaust, ran it for a while straight, but the noise was intolerable over time. Placed an order for a noise...
  5. R

    Custom Exhaust help 49cc

    I am designing a motor limo bicycle 49cc I was thinking adding 2 exhaust together first the expansion tube exhaust in the front then piped down to a poo poo long pipe muffler going down the side. Was wondering would doing that hurt any performance or anything
  6. O

    Exhaust extension

    Hi guys! First post, so hello! I'm new into this scene and I purchased my first 80cc kit a few weeks ago. Installed onto a newer trek mountain bike, but ran into some issues. Frame is wider than the standard frame, so I had to fabricate a custom mount for it. No big deal, its sturdy and not...
  7. J

    Improvised masterpiece

    This is what happens when your muffler breaks off on your way to work but you work at a hardware store... got it done and mounted before my shift even ended haha It's a couple pipe fittings, a bolt, a water heater supply line and a lawn mower muffler, total cost was about $20
  8. greenjon

    4-stroke mufflers and spark arrestors

    I'd like to know your experiences with mufflers and spark arrestors on 4-stroke bike engines. I'm not sure a muffler is required in my area, but the spark arrestor definitely is (it's practically all USNF here). Spark arrestor part numbers for Honda GXH50: 18350-ZM7-801 PCA-1151
  9. Kelster66

    Expansion pipe silencer.

    So I'm trying to come up with a good silencer for my Boost expansion pipe from Gasbike but not having any luck at all. Any suggestions or ideas?
  10. Neo_Epoch

    Exhaust Banana chamber

    Hey, I had added a basic banana chamber to my 66/80 China chunk. Can't seem to get the motor running correctly with it. Had it running 'ok' for a little while, now it just seems like it will fire up after it sits for a while. Running stock cdi with ngk b5hs and ngk wire/boot, added oz 12v...
  11. J

    Motor exploded in smoke?

    I've had my bike up and motorized for a few months now and have probably around 400 or so miles on it. While I was getting ready to ride it today, I made it about a block away from my house and the stock muffler broke off of its pipe. I figured no big deal and picked it up and dropped it back...
  12. P

    Can I run 2 cycle bike without muffler?

    I'm kind of new to the 2 stroke bicycle motor thing and I have a slightly pressing question. Is it possible to run the bike (not sure what make or model at this point as I got the bike from my uncle pre assembled) with the muffler. I don't plan to leave it that way for long tho. The bolted keep...
  13. Cozmik Mezzenger

    PREDATOR HF 79cc 99cc - Muffler with Heat Shield

    Here is the link to it on Ebay.
  14. Anthony 4k

    Muffler, nt carb.

    I decided to take the cap off the stock muffler just to see, huge power difference! Can take off slow up big Hill! Also went to the last lean notch on needle which helped a lot( nt carb). Obviously can't leave the cap off, so I might drill a couple holes or look into expansion chamber which I...
  15. ezrider

    Permatex Gasket Maker

    Anyone ever use the Permatex Ultra Copper Gasket Maker as a substitute for the muffler flange gasket ? Seems you apply the substance, screw on the muffler, and let it cure overnight.
  16. Arty

    New Pipe

    I recently completed modifications on what was called a "Fatty Performance Pipe", replacing the "banana style" pipe I had, and am I ever pleased. The header pipe is a nice piece from CR Machine. I had to extend the header and add bends etc. to get it to fit where I wanted it, and modify the...
  17. Cory Bailey

    Expansion Chamber pipe

    My name is Cory and I just got my motorized bike broke in. I bought a Voodoo expansion chamber muffler from kingsmotorbikes.com and I can't exactly figure out how to mount it. All help is appreciated. Silver Slant 66/80cc on a Huffy Cranbrook beach cruiser
  18. cmb271

    Running without back-pressure?

    Okay, I haven't posted much in a while because after loosing the key that holds a sprocket onto the 7G transmission of my 49cc 4 stroke and not having the means to replace the transmission I lost interest in investing time into my motorized bicycle. Now that my car is currently sitting in my...

    Exhaust Muffler End Cap Repair Solution "No Welding Required"

    So if your like me you don't go out and buy a new part unless you have to. A long time ago back when I got my first kit a few months down the road the mufflers end cap came off due to a bad welding job on the screw holding it together. With no way to put it back on I thought of possible...