new build

  1. Will'smotobikes19

    New performance build questions

    Hey guys I just purchased some parts for my next bike build. I got a 48mm iron sleeved cylinder, windowed flat top piston, 3mm stroker crank, an ebay 66cc/80cc kit also the smaller saucer style high compression head, regina chain #415 and some cnc aluminum grips. An ngk b5hs as well. Since I'm...
  2. briheen k

    My first build.

    Videos coming soon. Briheen
  3. Calvin

    About to start my first build. What should I know ahead of time?

    Hey everyone! I am a male highschool student and was just faced with the horrible reality of car insurance prices. After seeing the prices, I decided I needed another way to get around town. After looking around at different motorized bike kits, I bought this one...