new engine kit

  1. lukecanna

    Engine Trouble Piston seized?

    Hi Everyone, I just installed my fresh motorized bike kit which I bought on ebay. i have installed one before so I have a little bit of knowledge on what to do. when I pedal the bike then let out the clutch the back tire just skids to a halt. The chain is not bound or anything but I'm pretty...
  2. C

    Strange noise preventing power

    Really scratching my head,when pulling the throttle to speed up I get to about 22mph and the normal whine the engine makes turns into what I can only describe as a air flapping very fast noise,it jumps between this and the normal whine of the engine speeding up noise every few seconds! I'm...
  3. M

    beginner's help with kits

    I'm going to buy a chopper bicycle and install a engine kit to ride it to work daily for 17 km a day and I"m new to engines don't know nothing at all and small budget. Can you show me a reliable engine kit that is cheap and easy to mount ? thanks a lot
  4. Charles Laypool

    New engine kit?

    I came across this today Electric start 66cc 2 stroke kit engine looks like a chainsaw motor mixed with a china girl and the mounts are promising double studs front and back Whos gunna try it first