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  1. D

    I'm new here - Jooske K

    Hello everyone, my name is jooske and I live in Australia were motorised bikes are technically illegal but as long as your wearing a helmet and not being a nuisance your fine. your probably wanting to get to know me sooo umm... I'm 19 years old very much an arty alternative person and Im a...
  2. briheen k

    Well Well What do we have here...

    New to the community, love the ideal of the forum and will definitely be sticking around. Name is briheen. Live in the NJ area. I am a gas bike driver , looking for liked minded people on this subject.
  3. Tom can

    Hi I’m Tom Can from Connecticut

    I am planning on building a OCC Schwinn stingray haven’t decided yet on a two or four stroke motor this will be my first build . Doing my research and taking it slow right now But can’t wait to get going.
  4. T

    New Member/ First Build Mountain Bike!!

    Howdy! I've been stalking the forums for a couple days now and I figured I'd probably just go on ahead and introduce myself. I'm currently an avid mountain biker and I love it but I have noticed that my body has a limit and that's no fun when I am peddling to the trails and then pedaling back...
  5. Sasha Dean

    New to Nashville TN, New To Forum, Need Local Contacts. Help Y'all!

    Hey I'm currently living in Spring Hill/Franklin area of Tennessee. I moved here from Austin TX, and before that Phoenix AZ. I was pretty involved in the motored-bike movement and had quite a few contacts, but don't know anyone here. Can't find any shops etc. I can do basic mechanical, but I'm...