1. Vendedda

    A few questions from a new Builder...

    So I purchased an older used 2 stroke bike from a guy. First time ever riding one of these things, and sooo much fun 👍😁 Worked pretty good for a while, but now its having some issues. So I decided to try to build one on my own for the first time brand new. Ordered an 80cc PK80 off Amazon. A...
  2. S

    Preparing engine for build questions

    Hey guys I'm new to building bikes and just got my china doll motor and was wondering what I need to prepare the engine for the build. Stuff like do I need to grease gears, grease/oil bearings, file off crusty ports , check piston retaining pins , check magneto is in right position , back out...
  3. B

    am i crazy or is this the best idea or the worst idea to put a husky top end on one of these bikes

    ok so i am wondering if im the only one to have thought of this or is it a bad idea or what cuz im looking at this cheep assed chinese head and i am looking at the husky heads on amazon both are 50 mm or i would even like to go up to maybe the 52 mm if the bolts would line up cuz it looks like...
  4. wesrb

    Offset Intake Manifold?

    So I just built my motorized bike, but unfortunately I am having to run it without a carb filter because I cannot get the carb filter to fit onto the carb because it runs into the frame. I was wondering if the Offset manifolds would affect my performance negatively or not. Any suggestions and...
  5. B


    Wanting to purchase a 2-stroke engine for a cruiser i have laying around at home. Looking for the best bang for my buck, and was looking into THIS kit on ebay. Not looking for something too expensive since it's only a weekend cruiser, just something fun. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    Engine Trouble Will start for less than 5 seconds

    I will start my bike, it will run and keep going slower and slower over 3-5 seconds and get really rough then when I pull the clutch it shut off. What could this be? I just bought it and it's brand new bike. When I got it running, if I pull the clutch or let go of the throttle it will also...
  7. Superzeke2015

    New to MB, Help picking an Engine Kit

    So I recently bought a Mongoose R5726WM8. I was wanting to buy a kit to motorize it with but I'm not sure which one to buy or if the one gear shift/Gear Set-up it has will be a problem. It's on the back wheel which you usually replace the gears for anyways right? Basically I'm wanting advice on...
  8. S

    MOPED Question in nj PLEASE HELP

    I want to buy my 15 year old son a moped and so many different people and websites are telling me different rules. My main questions are what is the max moped CC, does the moped need to have pedals and do you need to take a road and written test in NJ? Thanks for the help, Sam
  9. Rogue..

    New...forums been great, just got bought my 1st bike.

    Hi my Name is Josh.I just bought my 1st bike, I've already having some issues with it blown 2 cdi's. Might be bad luck or could be missing something,already posted the problems. Have more cdi' s in the mail don't won't to blow them too. He's the link to my problem post...
  10. T

    Newbie Electra Question

    Hi all! I have had motorized bikes in the past but my first time here! I just aquired this Electra Rockabilly Boogy on a good swap. Looks a little difficult to motorize with the fatty tires and not so standard frame. ANY suggestions? This thing would look bad ass with a kit in my opinion. And...
  11. D

    Hello everyone!

    Hey guys, Been reading around the forums and slipping in and out for help as i go along. Finally i decided its time to post and see whats up. I just finished my first working build on a raw 66cc motor after a horrible nightmare with one of the silver angel flying horse engines. Ugh that thing...
  12. Randall

    New Peanut Gas Tank (not mounted yet)

    Just received couple of days ago my new peanut gas tank and cap. I think I will be able to go a bit farther now, lol. It is not mounted yet as I have to figure out what kind of front bracket to raise it up to correct angle. A short U shaped bar with a small piece of pipe welded parallel to the...