1. Junior64

    Need Spark plug reading help

    Hello bikers, Need help on reading this spark plug, it failed after 20 miles and probably wont install it back. Also this plug is not an NGK brand, but has the "BM6A" model lettering. Is this plug legit or fake, running rich or lean? Thanks!
  2. Vikingimike01

    Best performance spark plug?

    Hello forum! I'm looking for a spark plug upgrade. I need the best one for torque. I currently have an Z8C (Not sure, "LD" I think) I heard people saying BP6HS, or B6HS, or even BPR6HIX. Wich would be the best for a torque upgrade, maybe a bit top speed too (But mainly torque) I mainly drive...
  3. The-DMV

    Replacing entire electrical system? Please help.

    I've been getting a very weak spark or no spark at all since I first ran my bike last week. The first time I tried starting it, it ran great for half a mile, and then started to lose power and sputtered out and wouldn't start again. I tested the wires with a meter and I thought the CDI might be...