no power

  1. F

    Engine Trouble Loss of power???

    So I bought a Chinese 80/66cc engine off of Ebay, and it ran fine, I got it up to 40 mph. After break-in, I changed the carb out from the stock one to the hp one, and also added a boost bottle. When I started riding, It wouldn't go above 20 mph and the acceleration was super slow compared to...
  2. Sitherus

    Jackshaft Not maintaining enough to get up hills

    So it goes, I lose 10% power from the jackshaft because of gearing. Im having trouble maintaining my speed. I live in roanoke va, an you'd have a hard time finding a flat spot to ride. plus im using my bike for work. When im going fast down a hill and come to an uphill, I lose all power and...
  3. B

    Help!! My bike won't stay on anymore

    Hi so I built a 2 stroke motorized bike and it's been sort of a pain so far but it was finally working good but then I took it out yesterday and I would get up to speed then drop the clutch and give it gas and it seemed like it started but really weak then when I give to more gas it comes to a...
  4. T

    On and off zoom

    Having an intermittent problem that is now beyond my troubleshooting, please jump in. 3 y/o motor (Grubee 5), 3,000 miles. Strong performance. Two weeks past I changed out the gas tank for a 2.5L. This week I had several seconds of no power (no bang). I double checked the gas shut offs (one on...