no spark

  1. J

    Help no spark!

    Hi there, I recently bought A moter bike and I don’t think I have spark it’s a skyhawk 49cc I go to start it nothing but I know it has fuel cause it comes out the breather plz help!
  2. NewbieNed


    I got this motorized bike 8 months ago and its been a nightmare, one thing after another, and i havent been able to get it started once. Now theres no spark and ive tried everyyhing i can think of I tested the cdi with a multimeter, tested the plug, and still, no spark. I dont know what to...
  3. J

    Wet magneto coil

    I'm new around here, is it possible for the coil to fail when it gets wet. (i am getting no spark) I was driving around in the rain and the bike was fine, the next day i got start it and nothing. I replaced the plug checked resistance on the cdi and on the coil and there was resistance showing...
  4. danlandberg

    Magneto coil, CDI and magnet rotor

    Any one know about the magnet rotor? Like; what Gauss is needed to create enough voltage/ current through the mag coil for the CDI to work efficiently? According to the posts I have read, my mag and cdi ohm within specs. I realize the cdi might ohm ok but the capacitor might not be doing its...
  5. E

    Moped won't start. Cranks hard but won't turn over- no spark.

    50 cc Chinese scooter. After fueling up, I was turning on a road and my moped died. I put in the highest grade gas. I've charged and replaced the battery and the engine sounds like it's trying to start but just won't catch (sounds like what a car sounds like when it's dead). My break lights work...
  6. G

    No spark

    Hi Everyone, I'm on my first Motorized Bike. I've had it up and running for around 2 months. Yesterday, I had to go to my carb to fix my throttle needle cause it wasn't functioning properly, (it was stuck). When I went back to it, with everything fixed it woudlnt start up. I checked and there...
  7. Dougmcd87

    New electric system! Still no spark

    i was driving along one day last week and engine suddenly starting to loose power since then it hasn't started I did spark test and had no spark I then tested cdi and mag and plug but where all good so I then replaced The cdi the mag and plug I removed kill switch checked wires and connections...
  8. J

    No spark, deeper problem

    Hi my name is Jay. So I recently bought this Chinese motorized bike and it ran amazing for awhile and now has no spark. I tried a new plug but with a simple spark test there was no visible spark. My cdi or magneto could possibly be bad and I will check with a multimeter tomorrow. My main concern...
  9. Rogue..

    New...forums been great, just got bought my 1st bike.

    Hi my Name is Josh.I just bought my 1st bike, I've already having some issues with it blown 2 cdi's. Might be bad luck or could be missing something,already posted the problems. Have more cdi' s in the mail don't won't to blow them too. He's the link to my problem post...
  10. Rogue..

    New... bike stopped getting spark.

    I bought a new bike with kit installed. New engine, brought it home drove it about a mile then it backfired and cut off. Stopped getting spark. Bought a new magento and cdi decided to upgrade plug as well, The book that came with the kit suggested a NGK BP-L gapped to .6 or .7 if needed...
  11. Rogue..

    New... bike stopped getting spark

    I bought a new bike with kit installed. New engine, brought it home drove it about a mile then it backfired and cut off. Stopped getting spark. Bought a new magento and cdi decided to upgrade plug as well, The book that came with the kit suggested a NGK BP-L gapped to .6 or .7 if needed...
  12. The-DMV

    Replacing entire electrical system? Please help.

    I've been getting a very weak spark or no spark at all since I first ran my bike last week. The first time I tried starting it, it ran great for half a mile, and then started to lose power and sputtered out and wouldn't start again. I tested the wires with a meter and I thought the CDI might be...
  13. Caleb Allen


    I have replaced the whole ignition (apart from the magnet that spins) - i have tried disconnecting the kill switch - i don't have a working multimeter - i have tested the spark plug by resting it on the cylinder head !!!COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME , I HAVE SPEND SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO FIX...
  14. Caleb Allen

    Engine Trouble **!! MY BIKE WONT START !!**

    I have been given a motorised bike to fix and got it running perfectly, then I come back 4 days later of not riding it and the bike was really hard to start and then stopped working. So I tested the spark on the top of the cylinder head and had no luck. I brought a new magneto, a new cdi and a...
  15. inspectorcritic

    I got external spock but no ignition.

    I can do the redneck test take the plug out put the boot back on ground it to the engine turn the cam got spark put it back in and no ignition been through 3 CDIs 4 mags f***ing hate it :(.Some myth I heard the motor is made of putter metal and that medal is made from chinese bug piss fluid and...
  16. WildWillis

    New CDI, Spark Plug. WONT START!?! Help!

    Hey, I've recently bought a cheap Chinese motor and rode around for a bit no drama's. I saw oil leaking from the bottom of the bike at a substantial rate before changing the ratio to 20:1 to fix the problem. After that I hit the road no problems at all. until.... My bike simply would not start...
  17. stephen7689

    no spark

    Spark plug won't fire unless I'm touching it how do I fix it so it fires in the engine
  18. stephen7689

    spark plug won't fire unless I'm touching it

    I'm pretty sure I got to ground it somehow but have no clue all I know is that it won't start and when I take spark plug out to test it I'll push the bike and get no spark but if I'm touching the threads or any metal part of the spark plug while pushing it I get a strong spark so what do I do to...
  19. T

    On and off zoom

    Having an intermittent problem that is now beyond my troubleshooting, please jump in. 3 y/o motor (Grubee 5), 3,000 miles. Strong performance. Two weeks past I changed out the gas tank for a 2.5L. This week I had several seconds of no power (no bang). I double checked the gas shut offs (one on...
  20. Sitherus

    Another Wont start engine with a twist.

    (SORRY FOR ALL THE READING TO FOLLOW) I picked up a motorized Stinger 66cc motorized bicycle on the side of the road i spoke to the owner to make sure he was throwing it away. It had so much dust on it. He said it had not run in 5 years. I took it home cleaned out the gas tank and carburetor...