no start

  1. V

    Engine Trouble Not Starting after ride

    Hello, i need some help with my bike. I recently cleaned my carb after it giving many problems and ride it too get new break pads a week and a half ago. I rode it up a steep hill going at a moderate speed and then i arrived to my house. I had stopped to intall new break pads which only took 15...
  2. motormike777

    79cc Pred No start.

    Got the bike put together. No start. I'm afraid I could have messed up the timing when I removed the governor. ... Basically I was spinning the motor and the cam gear was lifted up enough to not spin the drive gear... I aligned the timing marks not really knowing how long that gear was...
  3. motormike777

    Ghost Racer 7G cut off while riding

    Hi i'm new here. Thank you for reading. Help is greatly appreciated. My motor bike has cut off on me while riding in 22 degree weather and won't start up again. I've had the kit for 1 1/2 years or so and this is the first breakdown. I'm sure i'm due for another oil change... it had been a bit...
  4. G

    No spark

    Hi Everyone, I'm on my first Motorized Bike. I've had it up and running for around 2 months. Yesterday, I had to go to my carb to fix my throttle needle cause it wasn't functioning properly, (it was stuck). When I went back to it, with everything fixed it woudlnt start up. I checked and there...
  5. M

    New 80cc no start.

    Hi all. I finally got my 80/66cc engine installed on my 24in road master. So far its been a big job finding and making stuff work. The carb had to sit at a 45 degree. The muffler was hitting the pedal and needed bent slightly. The chain had to be shortened and the funky rear sprocket to me a...
  6. G

    New bike doesn't start

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my 50 cc 2 stroke engine not starting. First a little background to help paint the picture. I'm a car enthusiast and love engines, but due to financial complications I can't afford to get my license and decided to build a motorized bycicle since it's a lot...