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occ chopper schwinn stingray

  1. B

    Occ Chopper speedometer

    I have a schwinn occ chopper, that I am currently doing a 2 stroke engine kit conversion. I wanted to put on a speedometer (the retro style). But all the newer version ones I see fit 26" and 27" wheels, but my front tire is 24". Does anyone know were I can get a cheap retro style speedometer for...
  2. Tom can

    Hi I’m Tom Can from Connecticut

    I am planning on building a OCC Schwinn stingray haven’t decided yet on a two or four stroke motor this will be my first build . Doing my research and taking it slow right now But can’t wait to get going.
  3. Tom can

    OCC stingray chopper bike what size motor will fit

    I’m new here and I’m thinking of building a bike looking into a 20 inch stingray Schwinn OCC and wondering what size motor will fit two-stroke or four without too much modification on the frame . please offer any comments thank you
  4. M

    Will 80cc engine fit 18 inch stingray bike?

    Anyone attempted this yet?