pacemaker ii

  1. unoahguy

    Just bought a 2005 Pacemaker II. New to Whizzer. Advice?

    Hello! I am new to motorized bikes and just bought a 2005 Pacemaker II in Illinois yesterday. The man who sold it to me said he bought it off an elderly person in Florida who was using it as a centerpiece in his living room this winter. Things the know about the bike: 354 miles on it turn...
  2. S

    Whizzer Pacemaker ii Electric start and/or kick start?

    hey guys, I have a Whizzer Pacemaker ii with the WC1 motor on it, and I was wondering how would I go about taking the ambassador's electric start and alternator system and retrofit it to my pacemaker? on a side note, I can't keep the battery charged, though that might have been the fact that the...