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  1. Will'smotobikes19

    Need help with Pa class M permit test/questions

    Just went today to take the permit test and failed. Many of the questions are not on the online practice test which I already memorized. Some of the questions were similar but with different answers. Very confusing. Only a few were the same as the practice test. Anyone have any idea how many...
  2. M

    PA laws?

    Hey guys, I just ordered an engine for my first build. I ordered the 66/80cc flying horse from bikeberry (mainly because the state has my license for the next two years). So I was wondering what kind of road laws anyone can tell me regarding this size engine on the streets. Any and all info is a...
  3. Frankenstein

    Forensic files been freaking me out lately...

    Yeah so the internet is very good here so I can have things like Netflix, so my wife and I watch forensic files pretty often. It started getting to me that I keep seeing forensic files episodes with muders occurring in Pennsylvania... Now that's fine and dandy and all but when it's like 15 of...