1. Matt Barrack

    My petcock is useless

    Whether it is on or off, fuel goes through. I can run my bike in the off position. So because of this, fuel can freely go through when the engine is off and I can't do anything about it. Will this hurt my bike or is it fine?
  2. kmarcetjr

    Odd petcock issue

    I've posted about my leaking petcock, I think I have figured out the issue, I think it's machined wrong internally. When It's shut off it seems to be "off" however if I turn it to the left or right of off, if I turn it all the way to the stop the valve seems to leak, however if I just turn it...
  3. J

    A word of advice on Moped Gas tanks...

    The stock fuel petcock and gascap fit PERFECTLY with the old top load gas tanks from the 70-80's style mopeds. I just fitted a 1976 malaguti 1.25 gallon tank to my Modena GT 2 and used the old 80cc stock tank's petcock and cap and it worked absolutely perfect and sealed up without a leak to be...
  4. Arty

    Petcock problem

    After doing numerous modifications to my China Girl, including ignition, porting, piston, fuel delivery etc., I just could not get my bike to run properly. It was way too hard to start, and if you could get it to start, it would run for an unreliable period of time, begin to refuse to idle...