piston problems

  1. Sitherus

    Engine Bogs Down Under Load.

    My bike only cold starts with starter fluid. I found this engine on the side of the road originally and so far i've replaced all mechanical, electrical parts, and gaskets except piston head and its rings. I have 2 rt carbs 1 walbro carb and 1 delarto all of them do the same thing. When I get on...
  2. lukecanna

    Engine Trouble Piston seized?

    Hi Everyone, I just installed my fresh motorized bike kit which I bought on ebay. i have installed one before so I have a little bit of knowledge on what to do. when I pedal the bike then let out the clutch the back tire just skids to a halt. The chain is not bound or anything but I'm pretty...
  3. X

    Piston problems

    Hello everyone need some help here .Ok so i decided to redo the top half of my motor,becase a corborator misshap order new jug and piston plus .Now my piston is passing the deck hight and toping out hitting the head .What am i doing wrong anyone help plz