1. R

    Rebuild and break in

    So I'm wandering if you need to break in a piston and jug after rebuild
  2. Sitherus

    Should I replace my piston?

    I have a new piston head and rings. Should I replace this, Or just clean it? This is from running rich right?
  3. Sitherus

    Engine Bogs Down Under Load.

    My bike only cold starts with starter fluid. I found this engine on the side of the road originally and so far i've replaced all mechanical, electrical parts, and gaskets except piston head and its rings. I have 2 rt carbs 1 walbro carb and 1 delarto all of them do the same thing. When I get on...
  4. Nahom

    My bike starts and goes fine then fails to restart

    So as title says I ride it nonstop for 5 mins and suddenly decide to turn throttle off and stop. But when I try to restart it it just doesn't start. I realise I screwed up also by forgetting to put any engine oil with petrol. zippinaround helped show me that the cylinder and piston were now...
  5. justakid108

    Engine Trouble Crankshaft won't spin

    I recently replaced the head/piston head on my bike because the last one was shredded. So now we have another problem... The crankshaft gear is bound up. Idk why, but any help would be nice... The piston like "locks" at the bottom. It clicks, then stops...
  6. J

    Drilled Piston/Wrist Pin Preachin'

    Going to post some pictures of the work I did eventually when I have time but I follow Jaguars site and put some holes in my piston (12 specifically) and bored out my wrist pin a little bit (calipers useful) (plus cleaned out flash/ lil bit of porting). I would have done more but feared for the...