1. Will'smotobikes19

    Can I use a big bore piston/cylinder on a stock crank?

    I weighed both the stock piston with the piston pin and rings and the big bore windowed piston and they are both 3.7 oz. My question is can I use the big bore cylinder and piston without using the crank that I bought. The crank needs trued by a machine shop since I was a noob at engine building...
  2. You need people like me.

    Hello do you think this is a good deal?? Its 65 dollars, but im not sure if itll chooch like i the old one. I already have a pk80 engine kit from seeutek on amazon its been pretty good till i broke it doing amature work on. It now im looking for a new motor. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
  3. Anthony 4k


    What do you guys think of the pk80 I'm thinking about getting it next.