pocket bike

  1. Marion Cobretti

    43cc chainsaw/pocket bike engine bicycle ride/overview

    All info found in video and it's description. Feel free to ask any questions, thank you!
  2. R

    finished pocket bike motor bicycle

    hello friends i finished my bike after having much trouble. first 2x broken the wood plate. so i taked a new multiplex wood its strong enough for the pression of engine. then my tank leaked i have found this bottle its now ok. chain tensioner needed to be welded. and my friend fixed the...
  3. R

    what is wrong with my pocket bike motor

    hello i built a pocketbike bicycle. now i tried it to run but i cant after i maked the choke down, gas on and pulled the rope he startet instant but the clutch engaged and mein wheel moved fast. first i thinked its the bowdenzug but it was not pulled was at minimum. what i must do? other...