1. K

    Motorized Bike Laws aren't strict in Chicago.

    From my own experience, the police don't care about motorized bicycles in the suburbs of Chicago. Most laws in Illinois say anything over 49cc without a pedal assist and over 20mph is considered a moped. I'm 14 without a license or any sort of registration in hand.. even better, I drive around a...
  2. D

    Experience being pulled over in CA

    I live in Ventura County, California. Have any of you been pulled over before? I have the plate, licence, brake and turn lights... The whole kitten-caboodle. What might happen, if a Police officer pulls me over? I am totally in the right of the law, yes? (unless I was doing something stupid of...
  3. Khamsin

    I believe the cops were thinking about nailing me ._.

    So I was on my way to the store right? I park my bike on the pavement because I have to take a phone call. While I'm doing this a cop happens to be driving by and the whole time both of them were staring RIGHT at me and the bike while driving by and it wasn't a "hey nice bike stare" It was more...
  4. inspectorcritic

    Got a Warning Ticket

    I took a crazy 235 mile trip to Denver and Golden Colorado after seeing 25 UTB videos on panning for gold in Clear Creek got all the way there a sighn on the trail said gold panning area about 1 f***ing block long from 40 mile creek right next toit a sign saying no motor vehicle allowed I just...
  5. ezrider

    Motorized Bicyclist Bust: Can this happen to YOU ?

    "Part of his personal renaissance was acquiring some means of transportation so he had a chance of getting to a job and generally getting around. With all of the other forms of personal motorized transport barred because of his license situation, Burns built a motorized bike and thought he was...
  6. libranskeptic

    Suggested street legal petrol bike if they are banned, as in OZ (for rural folk to go to town).

    Basically the idea is a range unlimited hybrid petrol/electric bike, but the petrol component can be easily and demonstrably disabled for when the cops are about (in town?). e.g. removing a chain or disengaging the friction drive and having a cold engine if pulled over. "I only use petrol round...