power loss

  1. inspectorcritic

    What are Effects of Mixing Synthetic Oil with Regular?

    I just ran a gallon of synthetic oil then went back to regular 2 stroke got a drop in speed to drastick is this the cause or something else?
  2. DuctTapedGoat

    Compression Loss Repair #514

    So I was about to ride and bogged out. Checked seals, checked head gasket and it looked fine and decided to check piston rings. But what is this embedded in my head? Looks like a piece of roller needle bearing from the piston! Further investigation. Jug damage, piston damage...
  3. P

    Engine Trouble Engine bogging at low rpm then possibly runs lean at high rpm

    Alrighty where do I begin. I finally got my bike out of storage for the winter a month ago (it has a Grubee Skyhawk GT5A installed) after giving it the once-over twice I got it running nicely, no problems for the first couple of tanks running at a 25:1 ratio. After letting it sit for a couple...