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  1. panmines

    Did I ever show you all how clean my 212cc predator build came together?

    About a year ago I needed to build a tough off roader bike in order to support my true passion hobby of exploring abandoned mines, many of which have derelict roads/paths leading to them perfect for motorized biking. My goal was to create a simple and lightweight off-road bike with lots of...
  2. Y

    Friction Drive with Predator 79cc Or Other motor? Need help form the pros =)

    Hello there, I am new to gasoline powered bikes, Years ago i built a Lithium brushless, but got out of it. I just want to cruse on a motorized bike, simply and not get too involved. Speed doesn't matter just a little engine roar, ill be pedaling the whole time as well with it. System must be 4...
  3. RocketJ

    Gas and brake pedal

    So here's an idea. Most older motorcycles have a foot brake. What if i were able to attach another pedal next to that brake and wire it to the carb, creating a gas pedal? Aside from being a bit wider, i think it would work pretty well. What are your thoughts?
  4. MotorBikeFab

    Primary reduction and clutch question

    I am looking for a primary drive reduction for the 79cc Predator. I am finding some that have a plate that bolts to the engine around the 5/8" output shaft but do not know which ones are more reliable. Is the Max-Torque clutch the one to get? I am seeing several others, some that are tuneable...
  5. Gotdam47

    79cc Predator Build Questions

    Hi there, I am planning to build a 79cc bike, but I am confused about where I should begin to get parts. I know that GasBike.net sells a kit, but I have heard and seen terrible reviews of their shipping and customer service policies, and how their jackshafts and transmissions always seem to...
  6. RocketJ

    4hp briggs cruiser project

    We finally hit a break in the weather in upstate New York, so I took the opportunity to work on my btr/powerplus bike. This bike originally started out as a sportsman flyer with a cheap china girl slapped on, but I soon realized that it just wasn't doing the bike justice. I ripped out the old...
  7. RocketJ

    In need of a belt drive shifter

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a shifter similar to what you would see in indian powerpluses or very old belt driven harleys. Arien snowblowers have a nice speed shifter but there are none for sale cheap near me. I live in new York's capitol region. If you have one please let me know.
  8. motormike777

    Magneto coil for 79 Pred

    I need a spare! Anyone know where I could go to shop for something like this? Hopefully my description was enough. It would be nice if replacement parts were more readily available... Thanks, -Michael
  9. motormike777

    79cc Pred No start.

    Got the bike put together. No start. I'm afraid I could have messed up the timing when I removed the governor. ... Basically I was spinning the motor and the cam gear was lifted up enough to not spin the drive gear... I aligned the timing marks not really knowing how long that gear was...
  10. motormike777

    Monster 80 79cc Spark Plug?

    I need to know what spark plug would be a good replacement. Kings motor bikes has the absolute worst customer service, (and i'm a repeat customer) even going out of their way to be jerks about my tracking info then ignoring my emails, then being jerks again by sending links to two stroke videos...
  11. RocketJ

    Wanted 3 or 4 HP motor (Capitol District of New York)

    I'm looking for a 3 to 5 HP motor in the capitol district of NY. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  12. RocketJ

    Looking for: 4/5hp motor & shimono coaster brake

    I live in the capitol district of new york if anyone has any of these parts. As far as an engine, preferably an old briggs or predator.
  13. RocketJ

    I want to install a suicide clutch on my 79cc predator build

    I love the 1910 era of bikes. Board track racers are my favorite and I plan on revamping my existing BTR build to a more authentic style with a 79cc predator engine and proper clutch system. In addition to the engine swap, I want to try my hand at installing a suicide shift (pulley clutch). As...
  14. RocketJ

    Suicide shifter on 79cc predator

    Hi all, long time lurker and builder here. I plan on upgrading my boardie from a chinakit to a 79cc or 212cc predator. I love the old suicide shifters and was hoping to implement one into my build. Is there any replacement for the centrifugal clutch so i can just run a pulley wheel and shifter?
  15. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Installing generator to a predator motor to power lights

    I watched this video, but I had no sense of how to apply this to a 79cc Predator because it lacked details in the comments section. Has anyone attempted this mod?
  16. Cozmik Mezzenger

    PREDATOR HF 79cc 99cc - Muffler with Heat Shield

    Here is the link to it on Ebay.
  17. Cozmik Mezzenger

    PREDATOR HF 79cc and 99cc - NEW GAS TANK With CAP

    Here is the link to it on Ebay.
  18. ColdCruiser

    Tune-Up Predator 79cc 4-Stroke

    My bike started running poorly so I added a high-flow air filter and re-jetted the carb. Now it runs even worse. Ideas, help, suggestions? Here's a video:
  19. ColdCruiser

    Quiet Exhaust for 4-Stroke Predator 79cc

    My bike is loud! It has a short pipe with a screw-on B&S knock-off. Attracting attention is NOT what I want to be doing. I need to make it quieter. The two options I'm considering are: 1) Lifan Honda CT70 clone or 2) 38mm for 125cc-160cc Dirt or Pit Bike pipe Are there any issues I...