1. Will'smotobikes19

    How to true a stroker crank?

    If I can remove the crank from the case half I tapped it in (without heating or cooling anything yeah IK smart) I want to see if I can true or balance the crankshaft. The piston is 47.799mm so I'ts a big bore and its a 3mm stroker crank. I think I've seen people using like a stand thing or a...
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    First ride on 79cc predator

    Hey guys I rode my latest build for the first time today and ran into a few problems first problem was the motor seemed to be shaking for some reason and then I always had to pedal to get the bike going or it will just vibrate the whole bike violently I dont know if its the way the throttle is...
  3. WildWillis


    THIS IS A WARNING IN WHY YOU SHOULD NOT INVEST IN CHINESE MOTOR (COMING FROM EXPERIENCE) Okay, I bought a cheap $130 motor off ebay. Casting is horrible, quick and cheap/defective. Please look for good casting (highlighted in picture below). BUY OFF QUALITY TRUE SITES SUCH AS ZBOX if your from...