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  1. Jo1941bae


    newbie here! I'm from Canada,Quebec I got a Monark bike frame with a sweet and "okay" clean 24" fork 2 carb Pedal Original gaz tank on the frame I kept the original throttle grip and some of the old piece. I kept it inside and start buying everything to rebuilt but money and time got me bad...
  2. Matt Barrack

    Best motor out there?

    Out of anything people have mounted on a bike, what would be the best in performance? Whether it be 2 stroke kits, 4 stroke kits, chainsaws, you name it. What would you say is the best for speed/power?
  3. Matt Barrack

    Chainsaw bikes

    I got a guy who wants a motor on his bike and I mentioned motorized bike kits. But then he found videos of bikes with chainsaw motors on their bikes. Is a 2-stroke kit better than a chainsaw bike? I understand that a chainsaw would take more work, but in the end, which out preforms the other...
  4. R

    Custom Bike frame

    Wanted to post this on here since I haven't been getting much interest on other sites. I have an old Columbia bike that's been stretched about 6 inches and has a motor plate for a 5hp Briggs engine, but will fit others. Basically a blank slate, just the frame, wheels, and seat. The back wheel...