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    Quick Question!

    when I pull in my clutch lever, this screw doesn't extend far enough to lift the clutch cover off of the pads. is it too long? solutions?
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    Quick spark plug question

    I have an 80cc that when i go on a lengthy ride it vibrates the spark plug loose can anyone tell me why it's doing that and maybe what ti do t to make it quit thanks
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    Is my bike motorizable

    I have carraro crp690 and i wonder if it is motorizable. here the link of bike. It has hydraulic disc brake and 26 inch wheeles. Frame size is 18inch.
  4. You need people like me.

    Hello do you think this is a good deal?? Its 65 dollars, but im not sure if itll chooch like i the old one. I already have a pk80 engine kit from seeutek on amazon its been pretty good till i broke it doing amature work on. It now im looking for a new motor. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.Thanks