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  1. Vendedda

    Anybody here good at the maths?

    Hey yall, im new to these bikes and need some help with gas ratio. For convenience, i would like to carry in my backpack a 6.4oz bottle of 2 stroke oil mix, so when i fill up at a gas station, i can pour in the mix and keep riding. NOTE: 6.4oz oil mix to 2.5 GALLONS of gasoline = 50:1 ratio...
  2. C

    transmission advice pleaseee

    hello! i want to start a new project i want to put a huasheng engine on a 27.5x2.1 bicycle full suspension ( i know it s tricky) my goal with it will be to deliver food. i will stop and go a lot of times because of the traffic and my city is not in an hilly area.i weigh 90 kg. my question is...
  3. C

    hi!is this fransmission good for hs?

    https://www.bikeberry.com/engine-kit-parts/4-stroke-parts/4-stroke-transmission.html it has good ratio,good clutchbell,2 internal chains which may come loose,but lubed up properly may not,internal freewheel. What y all think? i think it s the best trans unlike grubee or others.
  4. C

    please help!Huasheng transmission ratio problem

    hi!I think i have a huasheng motor and i had a lot of problems with the transmission.First the clutch burnt...and another...So i bought a gearbox (kinda hoot,but with 78 mm clutchbell and two chains an ratio 1:3),put soft springs on three paded clutch. Now i don t know how many teeth the...
  5. C

    is this huasheng transmission good?

    this is the one https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/CN6PK6JA the clutch bell inner diameter is 78 mm(the seller told me) has two stronger chains inside. my concern is if the ratio is ok.it still seems to be 1:3 like a hoot transmission.. :D it would be super to find the cheaper alternative to the...
  6. Sitherus

    over posted oil question with a twist

    have I been mixing my gas wrong the whole time? I just read that its 16:1 for break in and 32:1 after, the manual states its 16 parts gas to 1 part oil, but i always thought it was 16 parts oil to 1 gallon of gas I just started to break in a new build and im running 32:1 because I thought that...
  7. Matt Barrack

    Fuel Mixture Can I use old fuel?

    Ok. "old" is a stretch, but I mean, I mixed my fuel in a jerry can, then put it in the tank and it feels like I could fill at least 3/4 of another tank with what's left in the can. How long can I leave it before Its not useable? Or not at all? Thanks.
  8. Matt Barrack

    Fuel ratio (synthetic)

    I just bought low ash 2-stroke synthetic oil and I was wondering what the break in ratio would be. Thats pretty much it. Thanks in advance. :)
  9. Matt Barrack

    Fuel Ratio

    So I bought a 2 stroke engine from a store and on the ad it said tbe break in ratio is 10:1 but everywhere else I see selling them it says break in is 16:1. Should I just go with their ratio because it's the only place I found with a different ratio.
  10. cmb271

    Oil and fuel mixing carburetor?

    This question plays into a bigger question I've been pondering all day at work on "what would the most technologically advanced 2-stroke motorized bicycle look like". Does a carburetor currently exist that mixes the oil and gas for you and all you simply do is select the ratio you'd like to run...