1. C

    Clutch Clutch bevel wheel rattle

    Hi everyone, I recently bought and installed a 80/66cc 2 stroke engine with clutch lever. After a few uses there seems to be a rattling noise coming from the clutch bevel wheel. I've tried to tighten the central nut keeping it in place but it already seems tight. Has anyone else experienced a...
  2. Sharif

    Motorized Bicycle power output going on and off (Noise)

    Was going off to work today all happy after I sorted few more things on my bike today all for another issue to arise, but this time worried it may be something serious. Some background info first. Engine is on roughly 300 KMs (+-50KM) . Stock kit NT Carb, no aftermarket parts yet, apart from...
  3. Alexmeow

    Bike keeps dying

    My bike starts off going about 14 mph and shaking then quickly dies down to about 4mph still shaking during a quick ride around the block or dies completely and I have to pedal to keep the engine running I check it after and the carb is flooding but there was never a problem with the carb...