rear mount gas tank

  1. Hello Moto!

    Roadmaster Cruiser

    Finally got my cheap Raodmaster bike about how it's gonna stay. Forgive the hideous orange rims lol, I destroyed my original rear wheel due to a little mishap with the coaster arm. I forgot to fix it to the frame tightly one day and it came loose while I was riding! It ended up bending the axle...
  2. Hello Moto!

    Crusty old lawnmower gas tank project

    So I got this old mower tank from my brother and I thought, "Hell yeah, this'll make an interesting gas tank for my bike!" So a little prep and vwalla! Holds around a gallon. If you notice the last picture, that is my solution to a leaky vent hole that was in the cap. Fuel was leaking pretty...