1. R

    Rebuild and break in

    So I'm wandering if you need to break in a piston and jug after rebuild
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    Neighbor insists on seals on main bearings

    From what I've heard its a no no to leave the seals on main bearings but we just had an argument over it (he saw the seals I took off). Who's right me or him? they are Nachi Japanese bearings and it would be a shame if they were ruined because of how he wanted them but I also don't like to argue...
  3. Will'smotobikes19

    Cheaper to rebuild an HT engine or buy new?

    My neighbor has an engine from 2016 and it has some miles on it now. There was some obvious blowby on the piston and the crown is pitted. He thought his bearings were bad but they seem ok. He had something like 1,200 on the engine. I will rebuild it for him as a Christmas present but I was just...