1. I

    Craigslist Motorized recumbent on CR, full suspension Honda
  2. T

    Bikeberry recumbent trike friction

    I got my kit today from Bikeberry. It's the 49cc four stroke friction drive. It took me about 5 hours today to install it on my recumbent trike and I made a custom mount out of some fence thin wall gavinized pipe. I thought it came out pretty nice. I might go ahead and level up the friction...
  3. KCvale

    Electric Rocket Sled

    This was a fun 'special needs' build. The customer has COPD so he needs to take a battery powered breather along. He picked out the Sun EZ3 USX HD 21-speed trike and had me 'make it go' with a generous budget. I put a 48V...