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reed valve

  1. Kitt

    Affordable speed?

    Hello all, I’ve built a few motorized 2 stroke bikes now and I’m starting to get into modifying them more, the whole motorized bike scene can be hard to navigate at times, and I was wondering what options do I have if I’d like to achieve 40-50mph. What’s a good course of action? I’ve been...
  2. UDAHOE24

    Air bubbles coming from carb

    Just installed a new zeda motorsports 5.5hp stage 2 engine and at wide open throttle it empties the fuel line untill it's just froth. I've already drilled a hole in the gas cap, and I've cleaned the petcock filter but my problem persists. I'm running a runtong carburator that was supplied with...
  3. Spare_Parts

    Intake length with reed valve

    On the case reed engine I have to change the rubber hose for one with a 45 degree angle. The silicone hose is longer which would allow me to move the carb farther back from the seat tube. I just don't know how this will effect the engine. Will it make more torque like a non reed engine or do...
  4. D

    Finding a nice expansion chamber in Australia

    Hi, I'm looking for an expansion chamber for my 49cc china kit. At the moment I have the eBay banana pipe but I'm looking for something more for a decent price available in Australia. Side note, I have done a few things to my bike and am in the process of doing more. I have done the; Banana...
  5. J

    Performance parts before break in

    I ordered a new bullet train 80cc motors and I was wondering is it safe to use performance parts on it like a sbp expansion chamber and other things like reed valves and a speed carb.
  6. FurryOnTheInside

    RSE/Zeda reed valve, improvements?

    I was told in a recent thread that the reed valve with the carbon fibre petals (the RSE one from Zeda) isn't as good as the reed valve with the fibreglass petals (from MZ Miami) and needs some work done on it to make it reliable. (Unfortunately MZ are making it impossible to buy anything by...
  7. David Bogle

    Homemade reed valve, the search begins

    Have any of you ever built a homemade reed valve? Know of any good descriptions of the process? Have any pics, videos or links? At best I've been able to find discussions about the best materials to use.