1. T

    Any suggestions on a reputable site to buy a four stroke motorized bicycle kit

    So I've just already gone through a second blown two stroke motor and I'm tired of the headaches they keep causing me so I'm trying to find a four stroke motor kit for my bicycle but I want to get it from a good site. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I found one I kinda like on kings...
  2. cmb271

    My third build : Doing it right

    My previous motorized bicycle builds where poorly thought out and built but due to some circumstances I'm currently facing I've decided to renew my interest into motorized bicycles since I'm 100% positive my car insurance company hates my guts and plans to drop me the moment they can (I was in a...
  3. L

    Commuting and reliability tips

    I've had my China Girl motor for around a year and a half now. In that time, I've put almost 1200 miles on the whole build, in both summer and winter. Until about a hundred miles ago, I was constantly battling breakdowns and other issues with the bike. From my experience with the bike, I'll give...