1. motormike777

    NT carb- best jet for Pred 79cc?

    My bike is not running right. Lacking power and trying to cut off on me. I set the idle adjustment screw a little tighter and that helped with the initial bogging but when i tried using the throttle it would cut off. Also noticed the revs were sort of all over there for a second. Not sure if due...
  2. OTP

    Still too rich.

    Ive got a new Grubee Skyhawk GT5A that runs too rich. Since I live on the side of a mountain and weigh 250 pounds, I bought a hub adapter and 50 tooth sprocket from MZMIAMI parts to go on my 700c wheel. I broke the engine in on the 1/4 mile of reasonably flat dirt road by house with the...
  3. P

    Engine Trouble Engine bogging at low rpm then possibly runs lean at high rpm

    Alrighty where do I begin. I finally got my bike out of storage for the winter a month ago (it has a Grubee Skyhawk GT5A installed) after giving it the once-over twice I got it running nicely, no problems for the first couple of tanks running at a 25:1 ratio. After letting it sit for a couple...