1. J

    Rusty crankshaft

    I recently disassembled my engine, to check everything and I was very disappointed. I used my bike every day, stored in a garage, so that's not the problem. The bearings are dry and the crankshaft started to rust. I'm using 1:30 mixture, Repsol Competition synthetic oil, the cylinder seems well...
  2. M

    Chain rubbing cover

    Hey! I've been perusing these forums for the last month or two and finally got my first 66cc kit in the mail today so I figured I should finally join in. Anyway, upon mostly installing my kit(for the life of me can't find an Allen key to move my stupid twist shifters) and noticed the rear wheel...
  3. realdealneal

    Break In Rubbing Sound

    I have a newbie question: When I am going slow, with or without engine running, there seems to be a rubbing sound with each revolution of the chain. It isn't metal on metal, and it happens when the clutch is completely disengaged. It is a brand new motor. Everything is aligned properly. Is this...