1. Will'smotobikes19

    Tips from what I've learned

    Hey guys just wanted to let anyone that needs some tips have some. * Don't use rag joint sprockets they always become untrue and are dangerous use the cnc adapters or hard mounted sprockets instead. * Don't skimp on China chain there is a company called Regina chain that makes #415 and it's...
  2. greenjon

    Cheap and best mesh motorcycle jacket

    I'm taking suggestions for a good (but <$200) mesh motorcycle jacket (with sleeves; not a vest). It's >110F in the long summer here so mesh is gonna be required. Bonus points for being CE Approved. More bonus points for not having large logos or wild colors. Cheers!
  3. cmb271

    Clutching with broken wrist

    I recently broke my wrist and got some pretty severe road rash while coming home on my bike and I took the dirt road instead of the semi paved road as it's shorter, well i came around a corner and the front tire came out from under me sending me head first into the gravel. I had a helmet (which...
  4. J

    Huffy Nel Lusso Safe?

    So, I intend on building a huffy nel lusso my first motorized bike. But, it has coaster brakes though I do intend to put on a hand front brake. With all i've read about coaster brakes, would it be dangerous to have a coaster break ( with the hand brake) or do you think it would be fine to have...
  5. F

    Bendix style hub round sprocket clip safety issue

    Anyone else with a Bendix style rear hub experience their rear sprocket falling off when pedaling very hard? After this happened to me (now more than once), and upon thoroughly examining the design of the round spring clip that holds the rear sprocket to the hub, I was very surprised at the...