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  1. Degoragon

    Removing rusted seat post 1958 Schwinn Hollywood

    So, I stripped down the old Schwinn. Practically everything has been a bit stubborn , and I have snapped many bolts. Most of it I have been able to remove with a little heat, as well as a vinegar/Baking Soda solution. However, the seat post still will not budge, and the pipe wrench will either...
  2. Khamsin

    Plastics / fender for motorized bike?

    So, I saw an interesting Motorized bike, its by Arrow I've been trying to make mine look like that recently. I've got disc brakes, MX type handlebars, and a triple tree fork on the way. I cannot for the life of me find the plastics and saddle. Anyone think they can find out where they got this...