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  1. Degoragon

    Removing rusted seat post 1958 Schwinn Hollywood

    So, I stripped down the old Schwinn. Practically everything has been a bit stubborn , and I have snapped many bolts. Most of it I have been able to remove with a little heat, as well as a vinegar/Baking Soda solution. However, the seat post still will not budge, and the pipe wrench will either...
  2. jeffh

    Unusual lay back seat post

    Hey peoples Anyone tried this lay back seat post idea (see attached photo)? I stumbled upon this while searching the net. I’d like to try it but questioning its stability. What do you guys think of this? Thanks
  3. Khamsin

    Question regarding BMX bikes

    I'm aware that Most BMX bike frames are too small to mount a motor on the inside but would it be possible to put the engine on the seat post either mid frame or behind it ?